Mike Barker - This page would not be complete without at least a small tribute to the great Mike Barker, our dear friend and brother, mentor, "father confessor" and partner-in-crime. Lynlee and Randy made 20 trips to Europe with Mike and Alpenfest Tours over the years (many of those with our beloved friend Barry Roberts), and we played major festivals together all over the US for more than 30 years laughing and singing and celebrating life and friendship all the way. Mike courageously battled major health issues for over 10 years before finally being forced to slow down a bit, but few people were aware of it, because no matter how bad he felt, he always had a smile, a happy song to sing and that big, beautiful tuba sound to bring us joy and Gemutlichkeit. Mike introduced us to Alpine Musik and the joys of making the people "schmuyle" and we will always and forever be in his debt. You can learn more about Mike and Alpenfest by visiting www.alepnfest.com, and while you're there maybe purchase a CD or two! I guarantee they'll make you "schmuyle" too! God bless our Mike!

Lynlee Alley - Lynlee is not just your average accordion player (as if such a thing even existed). She has degrees in Accordion Performance and Music Education from the University of Houston, and she's been a soloist with the Houston Symphony. Really!! The "Lovely Lady Lynlee" has toured Europe playing classical music concerts and representing the USA in major accordion competitions, and she has taught some of Texas' finest accordion players - including our own Wolfgang. Recently retired, Lynlee will always be a dearly loved member of Auf Geht's. We've enjoyed many happy years, laughter and tears (schnapps and beers!), with this beautiful, sweet and talented lady. We love you Lynlee!

Barry Roberts - Reckless and lyrical, brash and romantic, Barry is a one-of-a-kind musician who has had a profound effect on our music. He's a self-taught guitarist/singer/songwriter and a walking encyclopedia of popular songs from every era, every genre, every culture and every language. Nobody, but nobody knows as many songs as Barry Roberts, and he plays them all by ear and sings all the verses by heart. Barry always amazed us with his musicianship, made us laugh, made us cry, kept us striving for more excellence, and I will always think of him as a dear friend and brother.

Kevin Hatcher - The group that started all of this for us back in the early 1970's (except for Wolfgang who, at the ripe old age of 12, was already going strong by that time) was the brainchild of a funny young yodeler with a red beard named Kevin Hatcher. The place was Houston, Texas in a popular restaurant called "The Bavarian Gardens". The band had a name nobody could pronounce - Die Bergvagabunden - and Kevin, Mike Barker and Barry Roberts began a German Music tradition that continues to this day. Kevin is living in San Antonio now and working with his band "Eurofest" but we are lucky enough to get him to join us on special occasions. Master yodeler with an autoharp, a man of amazing musical talent, inextinguishable wit and humor, a genuine and humble spirit, Kevin Hatcher is someone I'm proud to call a friend and mentor.